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Free shipping from €75 only in the peninsula
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Free shipping from €75 only in the peninsula
Pay in 3 installments with 0% interest

Light and Retinol Routine: Your Path to Incredible Skin

Today I want to share with you a skin care routine that is simple but extremely effective. With just four products and three steps in both the morning and evening, you can achieve skin that feels incredibly dewy, hydrated, and luminous. And the star ingredient that will transform your skin is retinol.

Retinol is one of those active ingredients that we call "skin transformers." Because? Because it is the only cosmetic component capable of reaching our cells and completely changing our skin. If you have oily skin, it will make it normal. If you have it dry, it will make it more hydrated. The benefits of retinol are truly amazing, and I will explain them to you later.

Morning Routine:

1- After your cleaning routine, start by applying the necessary antioxidant, which in this case is vitamin C.

2- Then, apply your eye contour .

3- As the last step in the morning, apply your regenerating cream .

light routine

Evening Routine:

The nighttime routine is a little different and more complete:

1- Start with a double cleansing to make sure your skin is completely clean.

Here's the important part: wait 30 minutes before applying eye cream and retinol . This waiting time is essential. Because? Remember that you are applying a very powerful acid and it needs to be applied with completely dry skin, not only externally, but internally. You could apply the eye contour right after double cleansing, but it is recommended to do it just before applying the retinol to protect the eye contour area from this wonderful and powerful acid.

retinol in light routine

2- Apply your eye contour.

3- Then, apply the retinol only to your face, never to the neck, contour or décolleté.

4- After 5 minutes, apply your regenerating cream to deeply hydrate your skin and protect your barrier function.

Retinol, along with these simple but essential steps, can do wonders for your skin. It will transform it, providing luminosity and improving its texture. If you want to know more details about the benefits of retinol, I invite you to watch the video.

So if you're looking for a skincare routine that really works, try this one! You will be surprised with the results you will achieve. Your skin will thank you.


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