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Free shipping from €75 only in the peninsula
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Free shipping from €75 only in the peninsula
Pay in 3 installments with 0% interest

Retinol: Frequently asked questions. Part II

We continue with all those questions that we are asked every day about the most important cosmetic asset that exists:

Do I have to apply sunscreen when using retinol?

RESPONSIVE YES, during the day use sun protection with an SPF 50+ to protect your skin not only because you are using acids at night and in this way you will avoid spots, but you have to protect your skin 365 days a year from solar radiation Sun protection is extremely necessary to avoid premature aging of the skin and avoid skin cancer.

When do you start to see the results?

Retinol is not going to transform your skin overnight... but with CONSTANCE in a matter of 2 or 3 months the Fantasy will begin on your skin, sometimes it takes a little longer and sometimes it comes sooner.

Is it normal to feel my skin irritated with the use of Retinol?

Not necessarily, in fact we largely avoid it by doing things right when starting out with Retinol with our initiation protocol. Despite everything, in this period of adaptation (retinization) the skin can become irritated, red, peel, itch, sting, you can feel tight or even get some pimples. If you do it correctly, it's pretty unlikely to happen at an alarming rate. Maybe you have some tightness, maybe you get a pimple, maybe you feel some irritation or maybe NOT. As long as it's not too bothersome, continue with your pattern anyway. Think that we have chosen a retinoid that has put our skin to work at a TOP level. Download the guide and follow the Retinol initiation process step by step.

Can I use other products with Retinol?

You can use Retinol on the same night with other products such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, etc. If you are interested, you can see download our guide and find out what yes and what no.

What products cannot be mixed with retinol?

Acids such as Vitamin C, Glycolic Acid, etc. You can't use them in the same nighttime routine, but you can use them on alternate nights. Do you want to know more about the products you can and cannot use in the same routine? Download our FREE Retinol Fantasy World Guide . Here.

Does Retinol cause spots?

NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, it is a depigmenting active ingredient, that is, it does the opposite. What can cause spots is never the use of Retinol, but not doing it correctly. Do not use sun protection after using this active ingredient and exposing your skin to solar radiation if it can cause spots on your skin.

I'm afraid of using Retinol, how do I start?

There are many of you who have told me about your fear of starting Retinol because of the “adverse reactions” that Retinol may have on your skin. But I tell you, if you think that your skin is not suitable for using a 0.3% Retinol, I suggest you start with our Retinyl Palmitate La Luz , since this is a retinyl in low concentration and that way you can get used to your skin and later start using a Retinol like 0.3%.

You don't have to be afraid, if you follow the initiation guidelines correctly, do it slowly and safely, you will see that the benefits that your skin will obtain are many. I encourage you to follow our initiation guideline. See here.

Remember that Retinol can be one of the best active ingredients to improve the appearance of the skin, but it is important to use it with caution and patience. Everyone reacts differently, so it's essential to tailor your skincare routine to your skin's needs.


Everything you need to know about Retinol is in this guide. The most complete, simple, fun guide... The Fantasy World Guide to Retinol.


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