I deeply love what I do.

Topic? Those are the clichés, which start from something very real. Above all (I will probably tell you about it in a book), I discovered not too long ago my WHY? And then, everything became more beautiful, more holistic and more transcendental for me. I suddenly felt, in a surprising way, that I was an artist, just a few months ago. I reconciled with my creative side, which I never gave nor was given a place in my life, not even a small place. Nobody identified me as a creative woman, not even myself, and I am, even in the way I communicate.

Despite everything, in 2020 I decided to found my own line of cosmetic products, realizing the way in which the market ignored the care of women as we grew older (let's not embellish it, we don't have to), and we were not nothing interesting to make a beautiful content in which, obviously, perimenopausal or menopausal women have to appear with skin that is no longer so smooth, nor so luminous, with wrinkles and surely, some spots that are beginning to appear.

Let's do it. I started talking to women that no one took into account. Now yes, now the networks are full of beautiful menopausal women who take incredible care of themselves and give us very cool content. Maybe, just maybe, I opened a very profitable melon.

I'll leave it there... There is formulation and science in everything. Our products are only based on that: pure scientific evidence, with the advantage that I bring it to your attention so that, from the understanding of each active ingredient, your cosmetic routine with me becomes an authentic experience to activate your senses, a true pleasure.

This is how the Light Routine was born, today LaLuz By Lourdes Moreno, in what, the most important thing about the brand, is our enormous Community of women “Los LuZeros”, which continues to grow incredibly day by day.

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