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Cosmetics prohibited during pregnancy: how to adapt your routine to have luminous skin

We tell you which active ingredients should not be present in your cosmetic routine at this stage and those that should.

Can a pregnant woman use Retinol?

What are the cosmetic ingredients that should be dispensed with at this stage?

Is it really true that during pregnancy you have to change your beauty routine?

If you are expecting a baby, it is very possible that these and other doubts have arisen.

We are going to solve them for you:

We tell you that there are active ingredients that should not be present in your routine during pregnancy, but it will reassure you to know that there are alternatives and that you do not have to resign yourself to thinking that acne and spots, among other conditions...

Most of our cosmetic products are suitable for pregnant women.

Why are there products that are better to avoid?

During pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid certain substances that may affect the fetus. Just as it is recommended to eliminate certain foods from the diet and dispense with some medications, the same thing happens with cosmetics. The difference is that, in this last field, everything is based on prevention rather than on the fact that certain components actually affect the baby, since "there are no studies that affirm that certain ingredients can or cannot be used during pregnancy ". Logically, a fetus will not be exposed to studies of this type.

This usually happens with very specific cosmetic principles and the point is that, for safety and awareness measures, they are not tested on pregnant women, in the same way that cosmetic tests are not usually carried out on minors." It is not that they cannot be used. as such, but as there are not enough studies carried out in pregnant women, it is recommended to avoid some ingredients as a precaution.

What are the main products to avoid?

Among the fundamental active ingredients that should be avoided during pregnancy as a preventive measure and although it has not been proven that they can be negative, there are, above all, those derived from vitamin A: All retinoids and in general, exfoliating acids with a concentration important.

Also avoid essential oils due to their high penetration capacity. It is recommended to avoid them in case they could enter the bloodstream.

For how long should you avoid them?

It is also recommended to leave them aside during the breastfeeding period in case the baby is going to breastfeed.

Alternatives for pregnant women. Special care during pregnancy.

Dispensing with the ingredients mentioned during pregnancy (and breastfeeding if you are going to breastfeed) may initially pose a problem because they are very powerful active ingredients that make it possible for the skin to regenerate quickly. However, we have good news: you can adapt your routine and maintain radiant skin, prevent spots and avoid acne associated with hormonal changes. There are alternatives that are "allowed".

Such as vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Regenerating Marula, sun protection, etc...

During pregnancy, emphasis must be placed on some aspects of skin care. "It may be that, due to hormonal changes, the skin changes its hydration levels. Therefore, we should reinforce it with products rich in moisturizing active ingredients. We also recommend reinforcing sun protection in order to prevent spots so common during pregnancy." To combat dehydration and signs of fatigue, Hyaluronic Acid is another important active ingredient in pregnancy. Prevent spots during pregnancy with permitted products such as Vitamin. Sun protection is non-negotiable .

This can be a perfect routine for this stage.

With this routine you will have all the benefits safely until you can incorporate transformers or acids into your cosmetic routine again.

Day routine:

Day routine - cosmetics for pregnant women

Night routine:

night routine - cosmetics for pregnant women


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